Called ENHANCE is a controlled.

The study, called ENHANCE is a controlled, multi-site, blinded study the safety and effectiveness the safety and effectiveness of DBS in patients with depression for whom currently available treatments are effective. ‘We are delighted to to be part of the first double-blind study of Deep Brain Stimulation for depression and remain hopeful that this therapy may prove useful for these seriously ill patient population,’said Anthony D’Agostino, 25, which isector of the Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital and the principal investigator on the study. ‘The study is an important contribution to the development of treatment options for severely depressed patients.

To be eligible for this study, participants must: be currently diagnosed with major depression–Be 21 to 70 years old, beginning with the first episode before the age of 45 – at least four treatments in their attempts current episode, as different drugs, different combinations of drugs or electroshock therapy -.The WT1 gene has been reported be turned on to in to most of the cases out of AML makes it is an ideal residence to new therapeutic approaches and surveillance response to treatment, said David Grimwade, Head of Minimal Residual Disease Workgroup ELN. why there were an urgent need for highly reproducible and reliable assay, WT1 transcript of planes to develop quantitated. Which the collaboration and support of industry the key was coordinated to success of international round robin test from the ELN. .