The lifetime risk of colorectal cancer in women is approximately 1 in 18.

Cancer, The lifetime risk of colorectal cancer in women is approximately 1 in 18, and for men it is a sound in 20 the Cancer Research UK, about 30,000 new cases of colorectal cancer in the UK are diagnosed every year. Click here for Abstract.information information about colorectal cancer here.. ‘In this large European cohort increases in both lifetime and baseline alcohol consumption increases risk colon and rectal cancer with significant risk for alcohol intake of more than 30 g / day.

Lifetime alcohol consumption was positively related to CRC risk. The hazard ratio calculation showed an 8 % increase in CRC risk for every 15g per day increase in alcohol consumption. The risk was higher for cancer in the rectum than for cancer in the distal colon and proximal colon . The researchers found similar results in the connection between daily alcohol consumption at enrollment and CRC risk:.The vaccine is set to three peptides of secondary on p53 TargetLink to killer T – cells or T cells. While killer T cell straight kill tumor cell, they become out of T-helper cells of regulating the small proteins called cytokines or support secrete supports the immune response.

##Co-authors of the study be Kazuaki Chikamatsu, Koichi Sakakura, and Nobuhiko Furuya, Gunma University School of Medicine to Japan. The study is funded by a grant from of National Institutes of Health.