My husband takes Glucovance to control his blood sugar.

My husband takes Glucovance to control his blood sugar. He tries to remain physically active despite a sedentary office job. What advice can for type – 2 diabetics, offering to fight to maintain their weight?

Hi Michelle. This is a good question, like maintaining weight is very important to the control blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in diabetics. Staying physically active is important, especially with a sedentary office job, and it is important to incorporate aerobic exercise and strength training.The study, released earlier this week in the early online version of the journal Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences offering Last support to the idea that losing complex characteristics as eyes, wings or in which case in reproductive mechanism, is often irreversible. In other words, once lost, that cables are not returns to its original condition. – ‘This is is the strongest proof even help irreversibility,’said Joshua Kohn, an associate professor of biological at the UCSD who headed the trial.