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The study because they succeeded in the field of gene mutation research and the new field of epigenetics, the genes the the combining faulty DNA methylation silence, says Christoph Plass, professor of molecular virology, immunology and medical genetics and veterinary Life Sciences, and also co-principal investigator of the study. – Our results show that it is important to look for both genetic and epigenetic alterations when identifying problem areas genes, he says.

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The scientists by chance surveyed schoolboys in Israel which has consented fill an optional questionnaire about their feelings on the quality of social relations had been a total of 161 disciple – 124 boys and 37 boys, an average age from 15 years ago – have been selected because its findings showed on interviews they all had a some measure of social fear or stress space the youngsters told difficulties, friends or associated with the friends she did the researchers tested the teenagers self-esteem. Everyday social activities and behaviors before, immediately after and two months following the 10 – week experiment.