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58 percent ofme groups.ase decreases the number of smokersProf. Prakit Vathesatogkit, Executive Secretary of Action on Smoking and Health Foundation welcomed the government’s policy to increase tax on tobacco. He believes that the tax increase will benefit smokers in Thailand. This is due to the fact that the higher cigarette prices price in people smoke less or quit completely, perform, especially in the lower income groups.

Anxiety disorder? be possible to say that I am I on medication for Anxiety Disorder?Answer: It really is once more depends on the medication. There are certain drugs, it is highly unlikely that anyone will notice, you take nothing – say the high blood pressure medications you are for with an effect of reducing anxiety. And at the same time there are other medications that are as tranquilizers, which can produce some sedation. So it is a question of dosage, frequency, and again, the severity of symptoms.Luc Montagnier as co – receiver the the 2008 Nobelpreis for medicine. Montagnier, who is best to known for his role in the discovery of and AIDS, was also contribute to new curves which research related to multiple myeloma patients – he attended the first the IMF scientific advisers retreat, and was involved in a IWF circular – table that in order International Myeloma Workshop Stockholm. Dr. Montagnier has contributed developing our research on the role viruses in multiple myeloma, said Brian GM Durie Chairman and co-founder of the IMF. We thank him for its time and insight, and to its advanced equipment and know-how to recent discoveries will help to understand us enhance which causes and have led to early recognition of myeloma.

‘We help wholeheartedly those worldwide recognition of his service to science and medicine. ‘.. Myeloma from RNA multiple myeloma, a cancer from the bone marrow cells the production blood cell is impaired. In particular Dr Montagnier prior to was developed efforts of for molecular diagnostics of myeloma Dr. Durie and their research Us Partners Howard Urnovitz, Chief Executive Officer of Chronix Biomedical. They were especially of interest examination of the roller segments of RNA, to a chemical the relative of the genetic molecule of DNA which circulation in your blood of myeloma patients recovered. Montagnier named their discovery of ‘sebring stranded RNA. ‘ ‘We continue to Dr Montagnier for his thoughts and visions this important project likely to lead to thank to the 21st centuries personalized medicine for myeloma patients,’said Dr.