Unfortunately, HSDD in women is not as good as erectile dysfunction in men acknowledged There are many drugs for the treatment of ED, but currently there are no FDA approved drugs for women with HSDD. ‘The problem through further reinforces a lack of awareness and interest in the sexual satisfaction of women in many cultures, ‘says King mountain and as a result. ‘some women feel that it is not appropriate to seek help for a sexual problem.

There are options available. An important step to help for FSD is aware that there is a problem. Too many women ignore their symptoms or in the position in a position that they have a treatable problem. Kingsberg points out that: ‘. Women should inform their partners about the problem, and see a professional guide speaking, this professional may be a counselor, a sex therapist, or or a nurse or another trusted person ‘.Proteonomix CEO Michael Cohen added: ‘This represents an important step for our company as this is the first FDA IND through Proteonomix place and show the company’s ability project projects from basic research to clinical trials. ‘.

The Proteonomix sponsored study UMK-121 with end-stage with end-stage liver problems . – ‘by FDA by the FDA is an important milestone in our plans, one company sponsored clinical study with UMK-121 to push after years of research and development investments initiate of this drug candidate,’said CTO Steven Byle Proteonomix. ‘We hope and expect that this study will be the potential of the UMK-121 to mobilize stem cells to the liver function demonstrated for patients with ESLD improving. We consider ourselves fortunate be integrated having a development phase of treatment that might improve the life expectancy for this class of incurably ill patient in liver transplantation. U.S. A patent-pending a combination of two FDA – approved drugs being on mobilizing mesenchymal stem cells to from bone marrow in the peripheral circulation , the combined medicine was designed to reduce inflammation and angiogenesis cause liver function restore restore was UMK-121 designed by Proteonomix CSO Ian McNiece and President and CEO, Michael Cohen and subsequently Proteonomix of its wholly owned subsidiary Thor Biopharma, licensed to..