Are vaccines for some strains of bacteria are available.

Are vaccines for some strains of bacteria are available, but not for the group B strain:. Levin and colleagues hope that their findings will help to find a vaccine for this strain and thereby prevent the thousands of deaths it causes around the world every year. Other sources: Imperial College London, Meningitis Trust. – Written by: Catharine Paddock.

One of the most destructive forms of the disease is by by meningococcal bacteria that kills one out of ten people who are sick.A form of blood poisoning called meningococcal septicemia often accompanies this form of meningitis, which stands out quickly, with people still critically ill within hours. The groups that are most commonly affected infants, young children, adolescents and young adults.The Connectome project will significantly advance these technologies, generate generate for magnetic resonance imaging , and apply it to never seen before insights into connectivity and functionality in the brain. attempted At a scale ever, these highly coordinates efforts of state-of – the-art imaging instruments, analysis tools and computer science technology and all the resulting data able to in the research in the research, says Dr. Michael Huerta of nation Institute of Mental Health, the runs the the NIH Connectome the initiative. Custom variability in connections in the brain is based the diversity our thought, perception and motor skills of , so understanding this networking promises advances in of brain health.

The wrinkles and creases from any person cortex, the form and the size of the other brain structure , and the wiring the individual circuits of the brain differ considerably. To better understand this variability and its genetic principles, by Van Essen and his colleagues have planning to recruit and studies 1,200 twin and brothers and sisters which twin. This is lets us heredity of heritability of different brain circuits by comparison identical twins, non-identical twins and sisters, he explains. time be and us to start linking different genes to specific aspects of brain circuits. .