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– Pertussis : Pertussis is a highly contagious respiratory infection is spread by coughing and sneezing . – Tetanus: Tetanus is a nervous system disease bacteria that bacteria that enter the body through a cut or wound. To support manned mission to MarsWhat would it take a manned mission a manned mission to Mars be a reality? A team of aerospace and textile engineering students from North Carolina State University believe part of the answer may lie in advanced textile materials. Students teamed up to tackle life-support challenges fighting the air and space industry have been around for decades.

A recent poll online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Merck conducted from 29 to 31 March , 2011 and April 4-6, 2011 found among 346 mothers of children ages 11 to 18, that 86 % of mothers aware of are that preteens and teens are at risk for contracting certain diseases. Preteens and teens are at risk for certain infectious diseases, Dr. Jaime Fergie, Director of Infectious Diseases, said at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, Many parents their children vaccinated as babies, and it is important that they vaccinate it now know that she preteens and teenagers to help prevent, less certain diseases. .

Serum-free conditions Stem Cell Therapy make them saferA new system of for cultivating human embryonic stem would to make therapy utilizing the cells of secure for patient, close a study of published online by The Lancet .

In accompanying Comment, Dr Outi Hovatta states: under new must EU directive embryonic stem cells transplantation under conditions of Good Manufacturing Practices cultured the reliability and quality the safety and quality the cells. University Hospital, components of civilization meet Good Manufacturing Practices being now an important challenge for those who human embryonic stem cell cell line originate There are other challenges. Such as for avoid immune reactions in transplantation medicine, and how prevent genetic mutations during long-term culture of. And before any clinical treat , the controlled cell differentiation requires even research. .