Bio-adhesive vaginal foam Foamix Ltd.

The foam expands and spreads evenly over the complete vaginal cavity surface area gently; looked after effectively gets to the cervix. The Foamix vaginal foams are bio-adhesive, usually do not leak pursuing program and thus, they can retain a dynamic agent for prolonged intervals intra-vaginally. ‘We are thrilled to unveil our innovative intravaginal foam technology, and we are delighted that CRS has provided us the opportunity to take action. Foam gives properties that boost usability, encourage increase and compliance consumer satisfaction. Our foams may deliver a broad selection of drugs effectively; they are non-drip, with easy program, thus producing them uniquely ideal for gynecologic application,’ stated Foamix CEO Dr.Goran Bjelakovic, M.D., Dr.Med.Sci., of the Center for Clinical Intervention Research, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark, and colleagues conducted an evaluation of previous research to examine the effects of antioxidant health supplements on all-cause death of adults included in primary and secondary prevention trials. Using digital databases and bibliographies, the researchers included and identified 68 randomized trials with 232, 606 individuals in the meta-analysis and review. The authors also categorized the trials based on the risk of bias predicated on the quality of the methods used in the analysis, and stratified trials as ‘low-bias risk’ or ‘high-bias risk’ . In an evaluation that pooled all low-bias risk and high bias risk trials, there is no significant association between antioxidant mortality and use.