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Acceliant's integrated e-PRO/EDC system offers an excellent solution by allowing all of the research data to be easily available, eliminating the integration costs. Talking about the partnership, Hitesh Chauhan , Associate Director of Biometrics at Cliantha Study, said, We evaluated and selected Acceliant eClinical Suite because we found it to be very user-friendly and more advanced than other products. Besides being a platform with best-in-course features, Acceliant's eClinical Suite is architected program and process wise to drive efficiency, lower costs and accelerate clinical trial studies. Acceliant is one of the few integrated EDC-ePRO systems with innovative workflows and built-in mobility that allows data management from anywhere, anytime.In the last year, the INFIRMARY provides recruited five staff and faculty members who focus on human brain tumor treatment and research. Joohee Sul, M.D., and Nimish Mohile, M.D., who both finished fellowships in neuro-oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NEW YORK, joined the Division of Neurology, along with Serventi, who previously caused brain tumor sufferers at NY Presbyterian Hospital. Meanwhile, the Division of Neurosurgery recruited a couple surgeon-researcher group from the University of Pittsburgh INFIRMARY. Walter, and his wife, Eleanor Carson-Walter, Ph.D., co-direct the brand new Spinal and Human brain Tumor Program, which really helps to coordinate the ongoing work of physicians and researchers through the entire Medical Center.