The California Medical Association

California mulls putting wellness warning labels on soda Would you drink that soda if you were reminded it could harm your wellbeing? A California lawmaker wants to highlight the obesity risk that the sugary drinks bring with a new warning label . State Sen. Bill Monning proposed a costs on Thursday that could require health warning labels on soda or fruit beverages that contain added sweeteners that are 75 or more calorie consumption per 12 ounces.

No. But the research we’ve performed at the center shows it’s useful with particular types of pain. Yet even without the support of various other groups, Hay says that never to legalize marijuana would harm patients more than help them.C. Nonetheless it says the results of criminalization outweigh the hazards. Opinion polls display that condition voters continue to be and only medical marijuana but are divided on the query of total legalization. A recently available survey by the Public Plan Institute of California found 51 percent against complete legalization and 46 percent in favor.. California Medical Association with 35,000 doctors in tow really wants to legalize and regulate marijuana By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD And also other supporters of legalizing marijuana, now there is the California Medical Association.