As overall cancer rates decline in the U.

As overall cancer rates decline in the U.S propecia apotek sverige ., thyroid cancers counters the trend As overall cancer rates are declining in the United States, thyroid cancers counters the craze. It’s getting diagnosed more frequently, in women especially. Women are 3 x more likely than guys to develop thyroid cancers. The April issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource has an overview of thyroid tumor, what could be behind some of the increasing amounts, and warning signs of the disease. The thyroid may be the butterfly-shaped gland at the bottom of the throat, just below the Adam’s apple.

The study has been published January 1 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology . Mutations in these genes, which are more common among Ashkenazi Jewish women than in the general population, increase the threat of breasts and ovarian cancers. After five years, 46 % of the carriers had been alive still, compared with 34.4 % of the noncarriers. Median survival was 53.7 months for carriers and 37.9 months for noncarriers. The differences in survival had been most pronounced for ladies diagnosed with more advanced disease , with five-calendar year survival rates of 38.1 % for carriers and 24.5 % for noncarriers.