The presssing issue being these electronic repellents.

Campaign to avoid sale of electronic mosquito repellents by major airlines begins to bear fruit A campaign to stop the sale of electronic mosquito repellents by major airlines is starting to bear fruit with the immediate withdrawal of the products from KLM flights . The presssing issue being these electronic repellents, sold to airline passengers, many on their way to malaria endemic countries, just don’t function. Dr. Bart Knols, editor of the advocacy internet site MalariaWorld discovered that digital repellents were for sale by KLM on a recently available flight he made. The publicity claimed that the ‘device emits a minimal frequency sound that’s unbearable to mosquitoes’ and Knols, realizing that there is evidence these sound emitting devices don’t work and could give travellers the false impression that they were protected against mosquitoes and subsequently malaria, took action.

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Building has already begun on the new operational service at Cambrex Karlskoga with industrial product availability set for year-end 2013. Dow's polymer science and application experience, in conjunction with Cambrex's features positions Dow for rapid entry into the market. Van Gerwen added, This agreement demonstrates our capability to promptly address with material science the pharmaceutical market's most pressing need: advancing poorly soluble Dynamic Pharmaceutical Ingredients to become therapeutically beneficial oral medication items.