In comparison to historical data.

Carotid artery stenting effective and safe in older adults Researchers in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and a multicenter team of investigators have discovered that carotid artery stenting is safe and effective in patients age 70 and older. Their study showed that as the example of adverse occasions raises with age group in this high-risk populace, in comparison to historical data, the risk remains low extremely, at 6 %, in those ages 85 or more even .

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Follow-up measurements of cartilage volume and defects were used 2.7 years later.6 and OR 2.4 per 1 SD boost, respectively).9 per 1 SD increase).6 per 1 SD increase) and had not been associated with loss of cartilage. ‘Our results clearly show bone region was a predictor of cartilage defect advancement in the inner and outer knee, in addition to medial cartilage volume loss,’ said Ms. .. Cartilage loss is important in development of OA, study says A recent study determined that bone area predicted the advancement of medial and lateral knee cartilage damage and lack of medial cartilage quantity.