We are very pleased to be a part of Central Texas Hospitals digital health records strategy.

SOURCE eCareSoft.. Central Texas Hospital to implement eCareSoft’s inpatient EHR and income cycle management technology eCareSoft announced today the completion of an agreement with Central Texas Hospital to connect their network of 6 hospitals with eCareSoft’s inpatient comprehensive EHR and revenue cycle management technology. CTH will incorporate eCareSoft’s proprietary fast-track implementation program enabling their medical center network to expedite their ‘meaningful use’ activities to be able to be eligible for 2011-2012 stimulus funds. ‘We are very pleased to be a part of Central Texas Hospital’s digital health records strategy,’ stated Jorge Camargo, CEO of eCareSoft. Related StoriesBoston Children's Medical center selects Vijay G.They consider up about 1/3 of the space that a standard dumbbell excess weight system does. While they may be rather costly, according to the brand and features selected, they are still cheaper than investing in a standard dumbbell set. There are a few drawbacks to using them also. Because they are so compact, they contain a large amount of small parts. If you had been to drop them, they might more easily great. They have a shorter warranty than the older designs do usually, a few years usually.