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Rosen, M.D., chief scientific provost and officer at City of Hope, created the myeloma cell lines now used in a lot more than 150 laboratories nationwide. Arthur D. Riggs, Ph.D., director of the Diabetes & Metabolism Study Institute at City of Hope, and his team developed the technology which makes possible the monoclonal antibody treatments in use today. That technology is definitely behind today's advancement of monoclonal antibody remedies for multiple myeloma, including the medicines daratumamab and elotuzomab.The report’s study teams propose specific priorities for immediate execution: Enforcement of legislation to protect the rights of workers to access to treatment without fear of discrimination Training and helping community counsellors who work from home Waiving registration and consultation charges at health treatment centers for all those on antiretroviral therapy Providing food support for antiretroviral users, at the beginning of treatment particularly, when appetite boosts Examining the chance of a transport voucher scheme for those who cannot afford to move and pick up their medicines.