Cellulite gone in a snap!

Cellulite – gone in a snap! Cellulite is a physiological change that occurs in the subcutaneous fat layer or better referred to as cottage cheese, or an orange peel appearance . Actually 90 percent of all women suffer from cellulite, no matter how small or large they are avis . Cellulite has also to do with your own body’s connective tissue. The cells functions as a mesh to keep carefully the fat near to the body. IT works for males but not so well for females. The connective mesh expands letting the fat bulge out. There are components that cause the fats cells to shrink or burn off by going deep into the skin. They also contain collagen to fill and make the skin look more even and supple.


Center for Injury Analysis and Policy awarded $38.6M to expand METRC THE GUTS for Injury Research and Policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been awarded $38.6 million by the Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic Analysis Plan of the U.S. Department of Protection to broaden its Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium . The Consortium, that was set up in September 2009 with an award of $18 million from DOD, conducts multi-center studies relevant to the outcomes and treatment of major orthopedic injuries sustained on the battlefield. The additional funding permits growth both in how big is the Consortium and in the scope of its study. The original funding was critical to establishing the consortium and providing the resources to address some of the immediate research needs of the military in the acute management of severe limb injuries, described Ellen MacKenzie, PhD, principal investigator and the Fred and Julie Soper Professor and Seat of the Bloomberg School’s Department of Wellness Policy and Management, the Department in which the Center for Injury Plan and Analysis is housed.