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Are passive smoking, air flow obesity and pollution a larger mortality risk than major radiation incidents? A new study has discovered that dangers from radiation contact with people mixed up in Chernobyl incident may be much less significant than most of us think. The research, published online today in BioMedCentral Open public Health, compares the health risks from radiation publicity following Chernobyl incident with the more prevalent risks of air pollution, passive obesity and smoking. All of the dangers studied showed a relatively small increase in mortality rates. Related StoriesFinancial incentives offered to help pregnant ladies quit smoking are extremely cost-effective: StudyNegative body picture significantly increases obesity risk among adolescentsScientists display how absence of microbiota has remarkable effect against obesityDr Jim Smith from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, who completed the extensive research, said, ‘The perception is definitely that there are big risks to public health from radiation exposure.And today most recently I’ve relocated into investigating the conversation of CLA with muscles to find out how it improves exercise outcome. It turns out that these are linked.’ The Timothy L. Mounts Award is usually sponsored by Bunge THE UNITED STATES. The AOCS's Edible Applications Technology Division award recognizes either applied or basic research accomplishments associated with the science, technology or application of edible oils in food products.