Christian Slater Dead?

Not really that speeding down a snowy slope is the safest thing that you can do. During the past a decade, snowboarding and skiing accidents have claimed about 41 lives a year, normally, according to statistics reported by the National Ski Areas Association. Simply don’t add Slater’s name to the list. Click here to learn about other celebrity death hoaxes.. Christian Slater Dead? Not So Fast Is Christian Slater dead? THE WEB can be buzzing with rumors that the actor died in a freak snowboarding accident in Switzerland, but there appears to be nothing to them.Several states already limit trans-fat in college cafeterias, but none has a trans-fats ban that extends before and after school. For example, California and Delaware both ban school food with trans-fat, but not at all after-school activities. Colorado has the nation’s lowest rate of obesity, but its young people are becoming fatter along, very much like their counterparts in the rest of the national nation. In 2007, Colorado’s childhood obesity rate was the country’s third-best, however in 2010 it rated 23rd according to the Colorado Health Basis. Researchers attribute this noticeable modification to sedentary behavior and an evergrowing childhood poverty rate.