16, 2015/PRNewswire/ –Amgen andXencor, Inc. announced today that both companies have entered right into a research and license agreement to build up and commercialize novel therapeutics in the regions of tumor immunotherapy and inflammation. The research collaboration brings togetherAmgen'scapabilities in focus on discovery and proteins therapeutics withXencor'sXmAb®bispecific technology platform. The collaboration includes molecular engineering byXencorand the preclinical development of bispecific molecules for five applications proposed byAmgen, leveraging XmAb bispecific Fc domains to create half-life prolonged T cell engagers and dual targeting bispecific antibodies.China downplays fresh bird flu fears Genetics may explain as to why some Chinese strike harder by flu Bird flu experts continue controversial work on lab-produced strainMany epidemiologists respect densely-populated elements of China and Southeast Asia, where farmers often reside in close quarters with pigs and poultry, as regions where circumstances are perfect for nurturing infectious diseases that leap from animals to individuals. An earlier deadly outbreak of SARS was associated with wild animals that infected pets, which infected people for the reason that region. Additional strains of the H7 family of bird flu infections have caused mostly mild human infections in the past, stated University of Hong Kong microbiologist Malik Peiris, with cases reported in the Netherlands, Canada, the U.S.