Also in Global Health News: Carter promotes malaria eradication.

Also in Global Health News: Carter promotes malaria eradication; India to teach tribal populations about HIV/AIDS; WFP feels impact of global recession Carter Visits Haiti, Dominican Republic To Promote Efforts TO ELIMINATE Malaria Ex – President Jimmy Carter is traveling to Haiti and the Dominican Republic in hopes of encouraging the country ‘leaders to forge a pact to rid the island of Hispaniola of malaria,’ the Associated Press/Los Angeles Moments reports. ‘An estimated 30,000 Haitians and many thousand people across the border in the Dominican Republic are contaminated each year with the mosquito-borne disease.They found that they could detect resorufin instantly with great specificity and accuracy. They were able to detect changes in glucose concentration of 0.1 micromoles per liter – 10 occasions the sensitivity which can be achieved by interferometers alone. The next phase in the work, Pacifici says, can be to start testing the technique in real human being saliva. Ultimately, the researchers hope they can develop a small, self-contained device that could provide diabetics a noninvasive way to monitor their glucose levels. There are various other potential applications aswell. We are now calibrating this product for insulin, Pacifici stated, but in principle we could correctly change this plasmonic cuvette sensor for detection of any molecule of interest.