Attitudes of teens and experts to sex.

Attitudes of teens and experts to sex, interactions, sexual health insurance and teenage pregnancy The findings of a two year cross-channel teenage pregnancy project were presented at a conference in Amiens on 8 October. Up to now, the info gathered from the task has been utilized by teenagers and professionals to build up new ways of considering education and health providers, with the purpose of tackling teenage being pregnant.Cetero Research launches group of scientific seminars to help researchers on clinical trial design Cetero Research, the leading early-stage contract research organization , is launching a series of scientific seminars, ‘An Accelerated Path to Proof-of-Concept in Drug Development,’ designed to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers learn the most recent innovations in Phase I and IIa clinical trial designs. The classes will familiarize attendees with techniques and study designs to save time and money when bringing new drugs to market.