Agreements have already been made out of Streuli Pharma AG for Switzerland.

BioGaia gets exclusive privileges to market oral health products BioGaia has signed four different distribution agreements for the special rights to market its teeth’s health products. Agreements have already been made out of Streuli Pharma AG for Switzerland, Plac Control for Greece, PharmaPal Drugstore LLC for United Arab George and Emirates Petrou Ltd for Cyprus. Further, Sunstar offers relaunched the merchandise in Germany. In every countries the merchandise will be sold beneath the BioGaia brand and launches are prepared to occur during 2013 and 2014. In 2013 Sunstar September, among the global world;s leading businesses in oral treatment, relaunched BioGaia's teeth’s health items in Germany. ‘We are very happy to announce distribution agreements for an additional five countries where BioGaia's teeth’s health products will be accessible for a lot of consumers soon.Funded by the National Tumor Institute through the business'december this past year s first NCI grant awarded, its lead candidate medication Vicrostatin was combined with a drug-eluting gel and applied in to the peritoneum for sustained launch of the drug right to ovarian cancers metastatic tumors. Chen, MD, Ph.D., the company's Chief Medical Officer, ‘and suggest an equivalent human being treatment for ovarian malignancy patients is definitely feasible.