Like the fight against bird flu.

Bangladesh’s Health Minister Khandoker Mosharraf Hossain says not so way back when Bangladesh was a malaria and polio-free country, but now these diseases have returned due to infections and parasites infiltrating from neighbouring countries and regional co-operation is a necessity in the fight against such fatal illnesses. The minister suggests a revised technique for malaria control is needed and improved coordination in using global funds to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the region.By the end of the day, everyone in the family must pull together as you team on a single side – – the side that keeps illnesses like diabetes and various other unhealthy issues at bay. A lot of people groan and moan at the idea of healthful living. But it does not have to become such a grind. Physical activity could be fun when done collectively as a group. Family members may take turns in discovering interesting and new, but healthy quality recipes to cook every full day. Slowly but surely, the benefits of healthful living will rub off on everyone.