For Friday the 13th Superstitions Any Basis?

How many other strange phobiasare out there?. For Friday the 13th Superstitions Any Basis? Friggatriskaidekaphobia sounds naughty, but it’s basically the word psychologists use to describe one of the most widely held superstitions: Fear of Friday the 13th, a.k.a Black Fri. Friggatriskaidekaphobics worry that bad things could befall them each time the thirteenth time of the month lands on a Friday, since it does today and up to three times each year.The analysis will need place in five countries – america, Canada, Brazil, Spain, South Africa and Uganda – with funding support from the U.S. The overall research program, expected to last two to three years and enroll close to 2,500 sufferers worldwide, was to be announced today at a news conference through the 36th annual World Meeting on Lung Health in Paris, France. Other related research of moxifloxacin will be led by Stephen Gillespie, M.D., of the University College-London, and Andrew Nunn, M.D., of the British Medical Analysis Council. The GATB estimates that 1 billion people worldwide will be contaminated with tuberculosis by the entire year 2020, of whom 200 million will fall and 35 million will die ill.