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For instance, the vaccine for cervical tumor produced by a University of Queensland group led by Professor Ian Frazer could save the lives of 200,000 women all over the world every year. But to provide such something to market takes time and money. A lot more than $1 billion offers been spent by pharmaceutical businesses in the last decade upon this vaccine. Lately, the Australian Institute of Health insurance and Welfare predicted that the amount of new cancer instances would jump by thirty % by 2011, reflecting the ageing population. This will place extreme demand upon wellness budgets and solutions around Australia, and see an elevated demand for fresh and innovative treatments. Pharmaceutical companies currently spend a lot more than any additional sector on analysis and development – about $520 million a season, Mr Schneemann stated.The header reads, ‘Provide your throat a holiday. ,’ with the next line referencing ‘fresh’ smokes, the implication getting that smoking Camels can help you breathe better: DigitalPosterCollection.com Or think about this ridiculous advertisement for ‘supplement donuts,’ which ultimately shows smiley, rosy-cheeked kids chowing straight down on refined flour rounds ‘fortified with at the least 25 units of Supplement B1’: MyFitStation.com The absurdity of both these ads, the latter which suggests that kids who eat donuts will somehow gain ‘pep and vigor’ , illustrates what the SAGE Functioning Group means when it says on web page 48 of its record that vaccine manufacturers have to adopt the philosophy that ‘Consumers value benefits, not supporting details.’ Go through it for yourself right here: VaccineFactCheck.org[PDF] This plan has repeatedly been utilized by businesses like McDonald’s to force Happy Meals, by alcoholic beverages companies to press hard liquor, by cigarette producers to push ‘tumor sticks’ and quickly by vaccine corporations to press chemical-laden poison jabs.