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‘Transfusing more rather than fewer individuals would create a challenge for hospitals. With an ageing population and a rise in cardiovascular disease possibly, weight problems and diabetes, it could only become more difficult later on to keep up the national blood circulation in the UK and in additional developed countries all over the world. Our results emphasise the need for interventions to reduce loss of blood to begin with.’ Gavin Murphy, British Heart Basis Professor of Cardiac Surgery, formerly of Bristol's School of Clinical Sciences and at the University of Leicester right now, who led the trial, added: ‘Existing national and international transfusion guidelines advise that blood transfusions only be given to patients who develop suprisingly low haemoglobin concentrations.The traditional response to finding oneself could be military service, academic education, specialized education, religious education, or getting yourself on the functioning job. Yet, for some folks, finding oneself could be a full prolonged journey. The problem being – there is absolutely no ‘one size matches all’ solution to locating one’s life purpose. The original Yogic approach has gone to become an under research to a Guru. If we’ve found a genuine Guru, we’d hear the reality from his / her teachings.