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Dosage research suggest that further research is needed to determine the most effective defibrillation doses in kids. Because the available evidence suggests that AEDs are safe and effective in infants, and because survival can be unlikely in the absence of prompt defibrillation, the authors recommend the usage of AEDs in infants with suspected cardiac arrest. Joseph Rossano et al, What is the Evidence for the Use of Automated External Defibrillators in Infants? Will Level of Cardiac Caths Correlate with Better Outcomes? In lots of types of cardiology methods, there is an association between higher institutional volume and improved outcomes.‘The improved risk for cognitive and cardiovascular illnesses among older adults who carry an APOE e4 allele could be due, in part, to the fact these individuals are predisposed to having higher total cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol from midlife through late life, compared to people who have the APOE 3 variant,’ said Brian Downer, lead UTMB and writer Sealy Center on Ageing postdoctoral fellow. ‘The reduced risk for these illnesses associated with the APOE e2 allele could be because of the lower total cholesterol and higher HDL cholesterol over the life time.