According to a written report issued on Mon by credit history company Fitch Ratings

Automakers’ healthcare costs to exceed cost savings from concessions Health care expenditures for General Motors and Ford Engine likely will increase for a price that exceeds cost savings from healthcare concessions created by the United Car Employees in agreements reached in 2005, according to a written report issued on Mon by credit history company Fitch Ratings, the Wall Road Journal reports. Based on the report, a 6.5 percent upsurge in healthcare costs in 2007, continued output declines and the return of liabilities to GM and Ford will consume cost savings from the agreements ‘quickly .’ The survey estimates that GM will spend $1,783 in cash for healthcare expenditures per car in 2007, a 7 percent boost from 2005, and that Ford will spend $1,064, a 20 percent boost from 2005.

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