According to a study at Hull York Medical School.

Chronic fatigue is a very complex disease with many different causes including food intolerances, Candida, heavy parasites and metals. There is no single treat that works for everybody, & most people require a number of lifestyle changes along with herbs, detoxing and nutrients. Because of this, chronic fatigue professionals warn against believing that eating chocolate daily will completely solve the problem. Most importantly, eating chocolate with sugar in it must be avoided by everyone generally, especially people that have a disabling illness. Raw Chocolate While chocolates is high in antioxidants and additional nutrients, raw chocolate is usually even more potent since none of the nutrition have already been destroyed through heating system and processing.‘Allowing CTCA to stay linked to their sufferers in the house through the Intel Health Guideline showcases our company’s promise to support healthy, independent surviving in homes world-wide. This solution is one of the assets that the Intel Digital Wellness Group is adding to the new healthcare joint venture formed by GE Health care and Intel, which was announced on Aug. 2 and is expected to be operational by the final end of the year, pending regulatory and other traditional closing conditions..