The major causes of anaphylaxis are allergy to food.

Anaphylaxis: investigating and managing an allergic emergency Patient education on strategies to reduce the risk of unintentional exposure to triggers and development of a crisis action plan are key components in the long-term management and prevention of anaphylaxis. The major causes of anaphylaxis are allergy to food, insect stings and medication, most NSAIDs and antibiotics generally. The major risk factors for fatal anaphylaxis are the failure to recognise early symptoms, controlled asthma poorly, delayed or absent adrenaline make use of and the assumption of an upright posture .

They also discovered that asthma could be a feasible risk for anaphylactic reactions in children with shrimp allergy.. Anaphylaxis because of shrimp allergy is significantly less than 8 percent in children Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic attack that can be life-threatening. Shellfish may be the third most common food allergy to cause anaphylaxis. However, according to a study being provided at the Annual Scientific Achieving of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Baltimore, Nov. 7-11, anaphylaxis due to shrimp is uncommon in children, under 8 %.