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This idea is beyond dumb. It’s insane. I am requesting with this press meeting that Gov. Patrick Quinn order the Illinois National Guard the Illinois Condition Police come to Chicago and use our mayor Ron Emanuel to provide safety for the children, Davis told a local CBS station recently. I’m contacting for the National Guard to come quickly to Chicago and ride up and down these streets. Then, in typical fashion, this radical went on to impugn working out and integrity of the very Safeguard troops she was phoning for, imploring Quinn’s office to guide the behavior of the National Safeguard.Sources of silica Thankfully, silica mineral drinking water isn’t the only place to obtain this important mineral. According to the 1993 reserve Silica: The Forgotten Nutrient, by Klaus Kaufmann, silica can be found primarily in the following foods : Oats: 595Millet: 500Barley: 233Potatoes: 200Whole wheat grain: 158Jersusalem artichoke: 36Red beets: 21Corn: 19Asparagus: 18Rye: 17 Horsetail – top supply for silica One of the resources of silica not mentioned previously is horsetail. Respected mainly because a strong diuretic and astringent herb, horsetail can be a fern-like, non-flowering weed that is loaded with silica. The tall, hollow stems resemble asparagus and often grow in bunches. When the plant begins to dry, silica crystals type in the stems and appearance to look like feathery tails.