Cincinnati judge orders all acceleration cameras confiscated.

Cincinnati judge orders all acceleration cameras confiscated, producer held in contempt Chalk one up for privacy, at least in one part of the country. Traffic cameras have been a right portion of the urban scenery for years now, but in Elmwood Place – a suburb of Cincinnati – they are background. Finally side effects . In a recent courtroom hearing, Judge Robert Ruehlman purchased them not merely to be shut down but to end up being impounded – removed the streets for good. The ruling comes as a result of a contentious legal battle over the speed cams. June 27 Both sides of the case were back before Ruehlman throughout a contempt hearing, ‘where the judge ruled that Elmwood Place and the acceleration camera contractor Optotraffic had been in contempt of courtroom,’ WLWT reported.

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California has been a national leader in laws limiting smoking in public areas and even inside apartments. However the ‘No on Prop 29’ campaign has turned the vote right into a squeaker by spending more than $40 million, most of it from tobacco businesses Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds. ‘They’ve run a fairly good campaign,’ says Tag DiCamillo, director of the California Field Poll. ‘The issue is: Will they force that number below 50 %? I don’t know.’ Cigarette companies point out the $735 million raised would go to cancer research, never to help repair California’s budget problems. Keith Park, who works Californians Against Wasteful Taxes, notes that, ‘Not single dollar goes to reducing our gigantic budget deficit and assisting our general public education.’ Despite having donations from across the country, including from Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ‘Yes on 29’ offers raised just $12 million.