According to Penn Condition researchers.

Caregivers experience less stress when family members with dementia attend ADS program Family caregivers of older adults with dementia are less stressed and their moods are improved on days when dementia sufferers receive adult day services , according to Penn Condition researchers . Caregivers who live with and look after someone with dementia can experience extraordinary amounts of tension, said Steven Zarit, professor and head, human development and family members studies. The use of adult day solutions appears to offer caregivers with a much-needed break that may possibly protect them from the detrimental health effects due to chronic stress.

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The findings imply clinicians caring for breast cancer patients could help their individuals by taking into consideration the caregivers’ health as well, the experts say. This treatment could include screening caregivers for tension symptoms and encouraging them to participate in stress management, rest or other self-care activities, said Sharla Wells-Di Gregorio, lead author of the study and associate professor of psychiatry and psychology at Ohio Condition University. If you care for the caregiver, your individual gets better care, too, said Kristen Carpenter, a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at Ohio State and a scholarly study co-author.