The pilot research.

We figured the MF59-adjuvanted A vaccine of low antigen articles was well tolerated and generated antibody responses associated with security against influenza, after a single dose even. The results suggest that one vaccine dose may be sufficient to protect against the A swine flu, rather than two. Larger trials are already underway around the world. Timings on when the vaccine will be available to governments will depend on the total results of these clinical trials, and approvals by regulatory authorities” The study found the vaccine is well tolerated with pain at the injection site the most frequent adverse event. Extra pivotal trials with both cell culture and traditional egg structured vaccines under way all over the world that will include more than 6000 adults and children.‘What this research sought to accomplish was look at whether psychological distress could also be linked to risky driving behaviours in young people, such as speeding, not wearing a seat belt and utilizing a mobile phone while at the steering wheel.’ Mrs Scott-Parker said the study could be utilized to recognize young drivers most at risk of psychological distress and therefore a larger crash risk on the highway through risky driving. ‘Teenagers presenting to medical and mental medical researchers could be screened for current mental distress especially if they have incurred injury through risky behaviour,’ she said. ‘These drivers could be targeted with specific road basic safety countermeasures and efforts made to improve their mental wellbeing by monitoring them for indications of depression and stress and anxiety.’ Mrs Scott-Parker said until recently the partnership between novice risky driving behaviour and emotional distress had not been obviously identified or quantified.