That position grew out of a scholarly study greater than 14.

The advocacy group MobileWise, which believes cell phones pose a health risk, said the analysis wasn’t long more than enough to gauge long-term risk, since brain tumors can take decades to form. Nunn agreed that research with longer-term data were required and that there was little information on risk to children from cell phones. The bottom line for now? Nunn said that except perhaps for limiting kids’ usage of cell phone, there was no need for cell phone users to change their habits predicated on the current proof.‘Asian Americans are believed a ‘model minority,’ which prevents many Asian Americans from getting help when it is needed by them, which study addresses that issue,’ Kim explains. ‘There is a dire need to expand our understanding regarding better health care services for Asian Americans. I hope health care providers and policy manufacturers are more cognizant of the requirements of 12 million Asian Americans in this nation.’ ‘The mission of social work research lies in its utility. It must donate to the betterment of people’s lives,’ she adds.