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‘Maintain it simple!’ Obvious sign of CAS. My, my. ‘Why must i keep it basic?’ I asked calmly. ‘Because I’ve enough material!’ ‘How about the other images?’ I stated. ‘And I’m not really through with that one.’ ‘We don’t want the other images!’ he said, his encounter a fine flushing reddish. ‘We don’t? The test was thought by me was all ten.’ ‘It generally does not need to be!’ ‘Oh,’ I stated. ‘But I’m actually enjoying this. It’s a fascinating picture. They’ve put therefore very much in it. ‘ He sat there, pen at hand, notebook up for grabs, and glared at me, as though I’d just inflated his house. He was obviously having a full-blown CAS event. ‘Are you performing this deliberately?’ he said. ‘Carrying out what?’ He sputtered, ‘Getting so a lot of things!’ ‘Well,’ I stated, ‘there’s really nothing at all in the picture, will there be, come to think about it.That was our proximity adjustable. The other adjustable involved junk food density. We made a few density variables actually. So we viewed 1st the closest buffer, that was basically a half of a mile around each individuals address using the street and street network. After that we counted the amount of junk food restaurants that fell within that buffer and divided it by the region of the buffer. We do a similar thing for buffers at one mile around the address, two kilometers around the address, and five kilometers around the address, to check out density of junk food restaurants and how that may also be connected with BMI among our individuals.