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That’s why the original search centered on the planned airline flight route while Malaysian officials intentionally held other evidence key. They understand their regime is definitely oppressive, plus they don’t want the web talking about the true explanations why the captain of an aircraft may have redirected the complete flight as an work of worldwide protest against oppressive authorities. Chances keep improving that Airline flight 370 passengers may be aliveIf this brand-new theory pans out – – and the data increasingly factors in this direction – – this implies it is increasingly most likely that Flight 370 travellers remain alive for the next cause: A captain who believes in fundamental individual rights and civil privileges – – and is ready to put his personal lifestyle at risk to protest oppressive authorities – – would be most unlikely to eliminate innocent people.Under the latest policy modification, people who subscribe by the ultimate end of open up enrollment time of year on March 31 won’t face a penalty. That means procrastinators get a grace period. Of February Previously you had to sign up by the middle, guaranteeing that your protection would take impact March 1, in order to avoid fines for being uninsured. The extension – granted for 2014 only – addresses confusion that was made when the administration established the 1st open enrollment period under the law from Oct. 1-March 31. The issue was that health insurance coverage typically starts on the first day of confirmed month, and it requires up to 15 days to process applications.