Childhood cancer More than 175.

At MYshah Health Care, we offer support to these small children by promoting; health awareness programs, promoting techniques for early disease recognition and preventive health care habits. We support integrated preventive health care. We promote a economic support program for the needy and underprivileged. We advertising campaign against the misuse of healthcare system and commercialization of the operational systems. We equip sufferers with right approach and essential information regarding the condition. We counsel the parents on how to cope up with their children’s disease.. Childhood cancer More than 175,000 children are identified as having cancer all over the world and about 96, 000 of those young children die per year.The analysis of 14 retired professional soccer players included one with dementia, one without apparent symptoms and 12 with a mental working deficit called gentle cognitive impairment. All had a past background of repeated concussions and additional blows to the top. For the study, these were injected with a element that binds to deposits of an unusual protein within CTE and makes them noticeable on a Family pet scan. The resulting Family pet images differed from outcomes with 28 healthful people and 24 people who have Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that may resemble CTE in its symptoms.